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About Us

Our Mission

To make a lasting impact on organizations and their employees, we aim to delight our customers with unparalleled experiences and reinvent the concept of loyalty. Our goal is to maintain a thriving business with sustainable growth while fostering a digital ecosystem rooted in people, processes, information, and technology.

Our Story

About seven years ago, a group of senior strategic consultants with a similar professional skillset, support material from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and a collection of research papers, began to study the substance behind a new term (back then) known as Digital Transformation. Such investigation led to a deep comprehension of the trendy term and the creation of a framework methodology targeted to assist companies in developing a strategic roadmap to become leaders in the experience economy era.

NEXTRA represents the culmination of years of research and expertise. With a clear business purpose and a well-defined value proposition, NEXTRA is focused on being the best partner consulting firm for companies with a genuine intention to transform their business, employees, and customers.

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